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Downtown Clown complete box set
  Every fucking thing we have! All of our music on CD's including the early "lost tapes" and the LIVE at The Lone Star*. Also included are all of our videos, photos, lyrics, & artwork on DVD's.
$ 99.99
Downtown Clown Send in the Clowns
  Album includes: Saddle It Up, Pet Names, Stressed, Get Out Of My Car You Drive Like Shit!, Magic Touch, Knock On Wood, Strange Brew, Coolest Cat In Town, Big Kiss, Better Half, The Wetter the Better, & Fade Away.
$ 9.99
Downtown Clown: The Lost Tapes
  Album includes: Love Ballad of the Car Key, Send In The Clowns, Hung Again, Fact or Fiction, Get Off, Let's Get Sticky, Spoiled Rotten, What in the World, Masocistic Blues, Little White Lize, Coming Home, Whiskey, Thrill of a Lifetime, and live versions of Get Out of my Car You Drive Like Shit, Sweet Transvestite, and The Time Warp!
$ 9.99
Downtown Clown: LIVE! at The Lone Star.
  Album includes: Downtown Clown recorded live at The Lone Star with great crowd partic-i...pation, pyro explosions and funny one-liners and jokes from Max Maddux in between songs!!
$ 9.99
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If you experience any problems while ordering, please contact us toll free at 1-877-537-1973 M-F 9am - 6pm cst to order.

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